Patient Info

Using the internet to research your condition:

We have assembled this site in order to assist our patients with their health and neurological problems. The internet is a very powerful tool in terms of learning more about your health. But, Beware!! There are many sites that provide misleading and inaccurate information so make sure that you consult a physician before changing your treatment regiments or initiating new ones.


We have done our best to assure that all information contained within this site is accurate but only your neurologist can make individualized recommendations regarding your specific needs.

What are the best sites?

Visit the links section for some specific recommendations. We do not endorse all of the information contained within these sites but they serve as a good starting point. In general: medical information presented by a major society or association (such as the American Academy of Neurology aka AAN) or an online journal assembled by physicians from peer-reviewed journals (such as are typically both accurate and up-to-date. The AAN puts out an electronic bimonthly publication for patients and their families entitled Neurology Now that is an excellent resources Additionally, we have and are developing an extensive database of information regarding neurological disease including their diagnosis, treatments, and outcomes/prognosis. Use the links below to access our information.